We are currently studying the book of Acts in the Bible and looking at what it means to be the Church and to live with purpose. 
Videos with worship and teaching will be posted here weekly on Thursdays.  We encourage you to watch the video in advance
of when your group meets.  You can also download the Study Guide by clicking the image below.








Study Guides will also be available at all of the Saturday 4pm outdoor services at Village Christian School through the session. 

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Acts- Live with Purpose
Study Guide 

Acts: Live with Purpose

Week 6
Be People Who Are SURRENDERED : Acts 1:36-17:15
Speaker: Kathy Christopher

Week 5
Be People Who Are GRACIOUS: Acts 15:1-35
Speker: Colie Krueger

Week 4
Be People Who Are AVAILABLE: Acts 13 & 14
Speaker: Colie Krueger

Week 3
Be People Who Are FREE: Acts 12:1-25
Speaker: Jill Rhodes

Week 2
Be People Who Are OPEN: Acts 10 & 11
Speaker: Colie Krueger

Week 1
Be People Who Are ALIVE!: Acts 9:32-43
Speaker: Colie Krueger