• Cheryl Fletcher

A Giant, Ridiculous Dream for our City

We have a dream: that every woman in Los Angeles has access to the opportunity to consider the grace and truth of Jesus. We dream that we all have a place to question him, meet him, accept him, reject him and always be loved by the local church.

We dream that every woman in Los Angeles is known in a community of grace and love. And we long that these communities are grounded in the local church.

Is this already happening in Los Angeles? Absolutely.

Churches all around the city are reaching women and providing spaces called small groups or life groups or any other name for a small gathering of people desiring to be together and meet God. These groups are filled with skeptics and seekers, scholars and doubters. Our hope is simply that we’d know each other and that we’d pray for each other and that we’d do this together.

If you want to jump in with us, we’d love to know you. Drop us a note. Let’s have coffee. We don’t have it all worked out, we want to do this together.

Cheryl Fletcher has been leading small groups of women for 34 years through Young Life, CRU and the church. She holds a Masters in Theology from Fuller Seminary and a Doctor of Ministry from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. Cheryl currently directs the Women’s Ministry at Christian Assembly in Los Angeles.

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