Starting Your Own Group

We are excited that you want to start a Women’s Bible Study in your area!  It has always been our hope and prayer that our resources would be used beyond our church walls.  If you don’t attend CA and are not currently in a Women’s Bible Study group with us, we encourage you to gather women who want to dig deeper into God’s Word together and go through any of our free online CA Women’s Bible Studies as a community.

Each CA Women’s Bible Study consists of a study guide, which is broken down into five daily devotionals around the topic of the week. Each week of study then has a corresponding video teaching that follows the lesson of the week. We encourage women to do their study guide first, then watch the talk afterwards.  Just click on “Past Series” in our menu above and it will take you to whichever CA Women’s Bible Study you’d like to begin with.

Our current series will be accessible beginning this Fall 2020.  You may check back under "Current Series".

Here is an example of our last series: Lesson from the Wilderness

Exodus: Lessons from the Wilderness is a 10-week study. Our community went through the first 6 weeks during the Winter session (January-February) and is now going through the last 4 weeks in the Spring session (April 14/15 - May 5/6).  


Due to COVID-19 precautions, however, we have switched our Spring Session to a 6 week online format, adding two additional talks to the series. This was done in order to onboard our new online groups.  We added an introduction, which is “Week 1: Exodus Online Group Introduction”  and a debrief, “Week 6: Exodus Debrief and Next Steps”  and rebranded the Spring session: WBS ONLINE with a new total of 6 weeks.


Click on the titles to go directly to the videos: 


Week 1  Be Grateful

Week 2  Ask for Help

Week 3 Partner with God

Week 4 Obey God

Week 5  Worship God

Week 6 Be Humble


Week 1: Exodus Online Introductions​

Week 2 (Week 7 in the study guide): Practice Sabbath

Week 3 (Week 8 in the study guide): Live Facedown

Week 4 (Week 9 in the study guide): Walk by Faith

Week 5 (Week 10 in the study guide): Make Disciples

Week 6: Debrief and Next Step


Your current "Lessons from the Wilderness" study guide will reflect 10 weeks of study. 

You may request a supplemental Group Guide that includes suggestions for WBS ONLINE Week 1 (Intro Week) & 6 (Debrief and Next Steps) here.